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Vyxlin helps you develop physical ability by providing numerous useful features

1. Keep track of how much exercise you did.
In order to perform rehabilitation exercises for joints and ligaments, or to improve muscle growth and functional movement, it is said that the intensity of exercise must be steadily increased. Vyxlin will help you easily and conveniently record what exercise you did in the past and how much!

2. Get notified when to rest and when to start.
When you do strength training or CrossFit, which is not an activity that continues the same activity for a long time, such as long running or walking, you have time to rest between exercises. Depending on the rest time, it is said that it affects the intensity of exercise that day. In addition, depending on the purpose, the break time will be different. In the past, you would have used a separate timer to accurately time your breaks or workouts. Vyxlin allows you to specify a workout time or break time when planning a workout, so it sends an alarm at the specified time when you start exercising. Vyxlin helps you focus on your workout!

4. Using the Apple Watch together is much more convenient.
The Apple Watch is worn on the wrist, which is especially useful when exercising. It sits snugly on your wrist and you can easily feel the vibrations the Apple Watch generates, so you can easily know when your workout or break is over. Plus, you can conveniently see your heart rate and calories burned using Health app on your Apple Watch. If you have an Apple Watch, be sure to use it!

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Vyxlin has a big vision and will continue to introduce innovative and easy-to-use features for your healthy life in the future. Watch me!
Seunghwan Han