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vring: The world’s first haptic instant messenger. Harness the invisible power of haptics & vibrations. Now FREE! No Subscription Needed!

Don’t read messages - feel them. The ultimate secret social messaging app...


Think texting via phone vibrations.

Through different patterns and sensations, you can create your own secret language and silently communicate with any of your contacts.

- Communicating yes/no/maybe without looking at your phone
- “Hold hands” with a loved one in ICU
- Get someone’s attention from across the room
- Sharing answers
- Sending sports signals (baseball, cycling, football, etc.)
- Getting out of a situation you don’t want to be in, discreetly

Whether you need to get the attention of a deaf or HOH colleague, or if you need discreet messaging amongst your closest friends, vring has you covered.


Only you and the intended recipient know what is being said through nothing but silent vibrations. Rest assured, your conversations are discreet. Personal expression is our ultimate driver.


vring utilizes the basics of mobile phone vibrations but flips it on its head. All communication is expressed through your phone’s haptic actuator. Your messages transform into vibrations that only you and the receiver(s) can understand.


vring is completely free. Get your hands on the groundbreaking secret communication platform of the century today!

When you register for vring, you become part of a network we call the "Haptics of Things," or HoT (h-oh-tee) for short. vring connects you to the people in your life that you are closest to in an ancient but new way through the sensation of touch.

IMPORTANT: Privacy laws in California and Europe and the UK prevent us from offering this app to users under the age of 13. Please be responsible and monitor your contacts for users that are too young. Thanks.

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