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VOR Navigator

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VOR Navigator

Navigation as it used to be! Simulate a VHF Omni Receiver with modern GPS on your phone or Apple Watch! Classic OBS-CDI display or HSI (Horizontal Situation Indicator). App contains a World-Wide database of ALL VORs, TACANs, VORTACS, DMEs, as well as all NDBs and medium and large sized Airports. That's 4268 VOR-type stations, 6857 NDBs and 4831 Airports. Almost 16,000 Nav Aids in total. There is no line of sight limit - You can navigate Direct to any station from anywhere! VOR Navigator also give you a DME readout to any selected Nav Aid and on the phone, a Closure rate. Great fun as a passenger too!

This App runs independently on both the iPhone (or iPad) and on a Series 2 and later Apple Watch! Both Apps are bundled together for a single purchase price.

You must enable GPS location access on the paired iPhone before the Watch App will work. Enable GPS by running the App on your paired iPhone and granting GPS permission. After enabling the GPS, the watch and the iPhone versions of VOR Navigator will work completely independently.
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