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The fastest and easiest way to add and remember your To Do lists.

Tired of writing To Do Notes - use VoiceDo to "tell" your iPhone what you want to remember. We use Siri capabilities to recognise your voice and add what you said to a classified To Do note.


- Press START button to initiate a recording
- First word you say is first category
- Second word you say is your second category
- The next words will be the content of your note
- Last words, say the date when you want to accomplish the To Do - you can say things like "tomorrow", "next Tuesday" or "23rd of March" - VooDoo will recognise the date
- Now use Groups to co-create and manage To Do lists with your teams real time

Words you say in Category One will determine the icon of the To Do note: Some examples of Category One include:
"Money" or "Finance"
"Health" or "Doctor"

You can later determine if the Note is urgent or not, or if you have already initiated it

*** Now you can co-create To Do lists with your teams in real time
*** Recognised speech in many languages
*** Record your notes directly in your Apple Watch
*** Share your To Do lists to your calendar or via email
Luis Carvajal Hoyos