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Volume / Playback / Battery

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Volume / Playback / Battery

You can use your watch to control your volume, manage what you are listening to and to check on your battery status.

Imagine using a pair of headphones without a volume control and your phone is in your bag, you can adjust the volume and change your music easily using your watch. Are you worried that you might be running out of battery? Well just a swipe to the battery screen will show you how much battery you have left.

What if you gave your phone to your darling child and they kept turning up the volume even though you asked them nicely to turn it down? Well now you can remotely fix that problem using your watch. There's so many uses for this app, you should definitely consider getting it.

The app has three screens. All you need to do is swipe left and right to access the Volume, Playback and Battery screens. Simple, easy to use buttons are then available to perform the following functions:

Volume Up
Volume Down
Next Track
Previous Track
Refresh Battery Info

For faster access to the app, install the complication on your watch face and launch the app from there.
Matthew Green