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Volonte is a training app for experiencing lucid dreaming.

Lucid dreaming is a dream that you experience while being aware that you are dreaming.
We experience lucid dreaming, which rarely happens.
Because you can't realize that you are dreaming in a dream.

Why don't you realize that it's a dream in your dreams?
During sleep, the manifest consciousness that controls consciousness is also asleep, so it is not possible to think and act consciously in a dream.
Many dreams are unconsciously embodied, such as beliefs, habits, and habits.

In order to carry out the awakening intention in a dream, it is necessary that the intention is habituated.
The intention of having a lucid dream, Be aware that you are in a dream while you sleep.
So, one of the habits you need is "Am I dreaming now? And ask yourself.
This is called a "reality check".
By repeatedly performing "reality checks" in your daily life, you will be able to ask questions unconsciously even in your dreams, at that time, you will realize that it is a dream.

Volonte is an app for making "reality check" a habit.
Use the vibration function of Apple Watch to create your own rhythm vibration pattern.
By notifying this vibration at arbitrary intervals, you will not forget to promote "reality check".
By repeating "reality checks" in your busy life, you will increase the frequency of experiencing "lucid dreaming".

Let's start explore into the dreams!
Masaru Suzuki