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VO₂ Max

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VO₂ Max

The value VO₂ max indicates the maximum amount of oxygen that can be absorbed by the body during maximum workload.

With a high VO₂ max value, the risk of cardiovascular diseases decreases.

The VO₂ max app always shows the current value directly on the Apple Watch. This app supports all complications and the Apple Watch becomes an absolute fitness gadget.

This is how it works:
The Apple Watch can estimate your VO₂ max and records the predicted VO₂ maximum if you take a brisk hike, walk or run outdoors with a continuous heart rate measurement in the Workout app for at least 20 minutes.

1. It has to be a walk or a run to provide enough heart rate data for the prediction algorithm to work.
2. The workout app must be used with GPS enabled.
3. This app must be connected to the Apple Health app so that the recorded data can be displayed in the watch app, the complication or on the iPhone.

With iOS 14, you can display the widget on the home screen of your iPhone to see the latest measurement directly.
This app only works with an Apple Watch Series 3 or later!
Bernhard Hering