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Vive Live

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Vive Live

The Vive platform connects you to a global network of fitness professionals who will provide a wide array of classes, online and live. Get that live workout experience from the comfort of your own home. Choosing the best coaches, trainers or teachers from any part of the globe has never been easier.
Vive platform offers one to one live session with your favourite trainer.

Vive app pulls heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature, weight, nutrition, respiratory rate, and blood glucose in from HealthKit.

Be inspired and do it live with Vive.

Our platform gives you, the trainer an opportunity to schedule and deliver the best live training experience to clients from anywhere in the world. Our platform is also free for you to list your services and scheduled classes. Our reach is vast, in fact the whole world, so let millions of people get to know you and become your clients.

Train live anytime, anywhere. We have access to thousands of trainers worldwide. You can learn a new skill, train the way you want and get healthy in a way perfectly suited to you...
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