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Have you ever wondered how you can harness the power of Earth's elements for your overall benefit? By using Vita, you can tap into true health and well-being through the basic use of water, breathing and sunlight.

With Vita you can remind yourself to better yourself. We feel that routinely partaking in proper water, breathing and sunlight techniques you can fill your body with the things it truly needs -- all the while making yourself feel the best you've ever felt.

It's all up to you and at your own speed. You can set reminders for any day of the week and any hour of the day. If you are overwhelmed by too many reminders you can adjust your settings at any time with our simple layout. You can also build up to your ultimate goals by starting off slowly and ramping up as you meet your goals.

We practice what we preach and if you simply meet your daily goals you will feel and become a better you. S.A.D is a real concern this day and age. People spend too many hours indoors and forget the importance of vitamin D. With proper sunlight you can improve your mood and energy levels. Also by engaging in deep breathing techniques you can help knock out stress and relax while giving your body the oxygen it desperately needs. Last but not least -- water. With the busy lives we live we often forget to get the proper amount of water. Caffeinated drinks dehydrate us and a small amount of water is simply not enough.

What's New: Vita now includes notifications and glances for Apple Watch.


- Locked screen banner notifications with actionable buttons. Slide the notification to the left and confirm your goal

- Home page banner notifications with actionable buttons. Pull the notification bar down to confirm your goal

- Notification center with actionable buttons. Slide the notification to the left and confirm your goal if you've missed the banner alert

- An instructional video to get you up and running in no time

- Percentages to keep you on track with your daily goals

- An opportunity to manually update your goals if you've missed one or more

- Tips, exercises and benefits
Joshua Burton