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Visualize Global TV Live

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Visualize Global TV Live

Visualize Global TV is of the most widespread application designed for IOS devices: iPad, iPod
Touch, iPhone. This wonderful application enables you to watch videos of many kinds and listen
to your favorite live radio without any interruption. You will be able to watch your preferred
videos from different countries, so just open our application, choose your country and watch
your favorite video. The high quality of the app is ensured by a group of professionals working
on the application.
Our Visualize Global App has a number of stunning features:

· You can choose one out of various countries and watch videos you prefer. There
are a lot of countries included in the app, such as Pakistan, Iran, Armenia, Georgia,
Ethiopia, Afghanistan and so on.
· After registering you can add the channel you want.
· Other users also will be able to watch the channels you have added(in case they
are also from your country)
· Share what you're watching via Facebook, Twitter.
· Maximum quality even with the lowest Internet and HD quality with the normal
· Rotate videos easily by a simple touch on your screen.
· Set a sleep timer, which will automatically turn off the video you are watching and
the radio you are listening to when the time is over.
· Now you can also email us about any kind of malfunction that arises in the app by
just clicking on the relevant button
· The app enables you to add your favorite channel to the channel list, so that you
can access it through this app. You can find the channel you have added in the “My
channel” section.
· It is also possible to suggest a new channel to the developer, which means that
you can offer to add any channel into the app.
· If you experience some malfunctioning while using the app, it is quite possible to
inform us about it. Just e-mail us and we will fix all the bugs.
· You are able to comment on each channel and also to report about the problems of
the channel

To download Visualize Global TV application , you are free to watch entertaining programs, talk
shows and news as well as watch films and other videos in your preferred country.
If you can not find any of your favorite videos, please, make sure to contact us by
[email protected] e-Mail address or write to our FB page. You can also contact us if you want
your country to appear in the list of the countries of our app. We look forward to hearing your
new suggestions and we ensure you that we will definitely address your concerns.