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Vision Board Perfectly Happy

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Vision Board Perfectly Happy

For centuries people have used the scientifically proven practice of visualization and affirmations to live a happier life. Our digital vision board is the first to combine moving images (visualization), spoken affirmations and emotional music. All in one use, always accessible on your mobile device.

We want as many as possible to find and follow their inner calling, live up to their full potential and achieve a higher state of happiness.

Perfectly Happy allows you to rise beyond your current life.

The Perfectly Happy Vision Board and & Gratitude app has the following features:

* Create as many digital Video Vision Boards as you like.
* Add up to 27 images to your Vision Board.
* Combine your Vision Board with positive affirmations and emotional music for better results.
* You can choose from 900+ spoken affirmations and can also write your own
* You can set multiple reminders. Get prompts including affirmations and music.
* Write unlimited daily Gratitude Journal entries and practice an attitude of gratitude.
* Write unlimited daily Mood Journal entries.
* Add an image to personalize your Gratitude Journal and Mood Journal entries.
* Your personal Journal calendar gives you an overview of your daily Journal entries.

Whatever you frequently focus upon, the law of attraction brings into your experience. 3 Minutes of dedication is all it takes to improve your mindset in various areas such as:

* Health
* Body Positivity
* Sleep & Inner Peace, Relaxation
* Work & Career
* Wealth & Lifestyle
* Family & Friends
* Partner & Relationship
* Spirituality & Welfare

Once you've decided on the topics the app creates your individual visualization movies. Manifestation made easy!

Here is how you can benefit from your Perfectly Happy Vision Board & Gratitude Journal app:

* You'll become more mindful, present and aware of your positive surroundings.
* As you look out for more positive things around you, you will attract more positive things.
* You’ll develop a clearer sense of what is truly important to you and what you want to have more of in life.
* You’ll start being highly motivated and fully focused.
* You’ll feel more balanced and you’ll have a lower stress level.

* You have a tool at hand on days when you are feeling down, that helps you recalibrate your thought patterns in a positive way.
* You’ll grow your self-confidence over time.
* You’ll become more mindful of your achievements.
* You'll start seeing evidence of drawing more positive things and good people to you to become more grateful about.

Successful athletes, musicians, entertainers, managers and even billionaires still use a vision board for visualization every day to reach their peak performance. It works like a manifestation amplifier. Have your own realization!

Define your life by the positive vision of your future, rather than memories of the past. Start manifesting your dreams. Be Perfectly Happy!


Perfectly Happy offers an annual subscription model for $59.99 that can be cancelled at any time. The subscription automatically renews if it is not cancelled at least 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period. Your iTunes account will be charged for the next subscription period within the last 24 hours of the current subscription period. The automatic renewal can be deactivated in the iTunes account settings.

If you have feedback for us, please send it to [email protected] We have put a lot of time and love into our app and are therefore looking forward to receiving positive feedback. We are also happy to receive suggestions and ideas for improvement, so that we can make Perfectly Happy even better and more interesting for you and our other users.
Perfectly Happy integrates with the Apple Health app.

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