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Virtual Scoreboard

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Virtual Scoreboard

With Virtual Scoreboard you can manage a sport completely. It helps you on keeping the score, time, number of fouls and more, everything in a simple and interactive way.

Sports available:
- Basketball
- Soccer
- Football
- Handball
- Volleyball
- Hockey
- Five-a-side Football
- Baseball
- Tennis
- Table Tennis
- Badminton
- Water Polo
- Truco (Brazilian card game)
- Cricket
- Kabaddi
- Footvolley
- Rink Hockey
- Lacrosse
- Netball
- Rugby Football
- Squash
- Australian Football (AFL)
- Sport Stacking (Cup Stacking)
- Rubik's Cube
- Bocce
- Chess
- Boxing
- Judo
- Karate
- Curling
- Cornhole


This app uses HealthKit APIs to record your sports activities when using Virtual Scoreboard on your Apple Watch and syncs all data with Health App.
Leonardo Bortolotti