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Virtual Scoreboard

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Virtual Scoreboard

Are you looking for an easy to use sports score counter to track score in various games? How about using a score manager to count score, fouls and other entities of game play? With one of the best scorecard apps available online, you can not only manage your game’s performance but also see all your performance on your scoreboard. The score tracker allows you to count score, time of game play, number of fouls and every other element of a good game play. Maintain fairness in every game you play with this convenient and easy to use score keeper app. The score board gives you full view of your performance so you can easily see the winners and losers from a single score manager app.
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• Virtual Sports Score Counter
Instead of asking your friends to keep a tally of your sports performance, use this sports score counter to minimize the hassle. Count score and use the score keeper to manage performance without losing any data. The score manager can record and keep a log of all performance metrics like score, foul points, time used and more on an easy to view score board.

• Convenient Score Manager
Unlike most of the scorecard apps, this sports score counter is very easy to use. All you need to do is download the app and enter the score to count score. You can pick any type of game to get the corresponding performance metrics. Count score on different parameters within this score keeper app. The score tracker not only makes your sports more fun but also exciting for all!

• Count Score Accurately
Eliminate all chances of error and biases with this score keeper app. The score board can count score and record it accurately. No matter how long you want to play and no matter how many players are in the sports, this score manager keeps accurate score in every case.

• Score Tracker for Teams
With Virtual Scoreboard you can manage a sport completely. It helps you on keeping the score, time, number of fouls and more, everything in a simple and interactive way.

• Sports available:
- Basketball
- Soccer
- Football
- Handball
- Volleyball
- Hockey
- Five-a-side Football
- Baseball
- Tennis
- Table Tennis
- Badminton
- Water Polo
- Truco (Brazilian card game)
- Cricket
- Kabaddi
- Footvolley
- Rink Hockey
- Lacrosse
- Netball
- Rugby Football
- Squash
- Australian Football (AFL)
- Sport Stacking (Cup Stacking)
- Rubik's Cube
- Bocce
- Chess
- Cornhole
- Curling
- Boxing
- Karate
- Judo
- Beach Tennis
- Goalball
- Wrestling

• Features of Virtual Scoreboard – Keep Score
- Simple and easy to use scorecard apps UI/UX
- Virtual sports score counter for a number of sports
- Accurate score keeper app to count score and performance metrics
- Score manager to record and track performance elements
- Virtual score board for individual players and teams
- Score tracker with time, score and foul point counter

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This app uses HealthKit APIs to record your sports activities when using Virtual Scoreboard on your Apple Watch and syncs all data with Health App.
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