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Virtual Health Services

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Virtual Health Services

Virtual Health Services (VHS) decreases medical provider hassle factors and increases efficiency by connecting a provider with a remote, virtual assistant that listens and records notes into the EMR in real-time during patient visits. EMR updates occur at the point of care and the provider can then review, make changes, sign-off, and submit the note at the conclusion of the patient visit.

Virtual Health Services frees the provider from data entry and allows the provider to focus exclusively on the patient and not the computer screen, thereby increasing engagement and patient satisfaction. The live, real-time dictation also eliminates the time a provider spends in data entry, leading to fewer overtime hours, decreased levels of burnout, and increased joy of practice.

The VHS app has HIPPA compliant security and, and the virtual assistants work in a HIPPA compliant facility. In addition to real-time EMR documentation, VHS also offers help with:

o Chart preparation

o Orders

o Referrals

o Billing

o Quality documentation and metrics

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