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Virtual Dog 3D

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Virtual Dog 3D

Dogs cherish an extraordinary affection for their owners. They usually love them and have a great dependence on them. Virtual pets are the same: they always need their owner's caress and attention. Virtual Dog 3D gifts you a chance to have a little puppy that behaves as if he was a real pet. It needs feeding, washing, games and sleeping like any animal; its life is in your hands now and you become responsible for it.

Take care of your virtual dog thorougly:
- Feed it regulary;
- Keep an eye on its hygiene;
- Play games and watch it being happy with you;
- Don't forget about getting it to bed.

Virtual Dog 3D main features:
- Several interesting interactions with your pet;
- Perfect virtual friend for children;
- Learn how to take care of animals properly;
- Detailed 3D graphics.

You get points for playing time. The longer you play, the more points you score! There’s a particular amount of point you should get every day, but of course it’s possible to get more if you want. Moreover there’s a statistics showing the points you scored the previous days.
If you worry that may spent too much time playing, set the timer and it will remind you that the time is over and you should stop the game.
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