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VIIVIO is an app that helps you track your sleep, nutrition, exercise and recharging and delivers you daily 1% Tips that are designed to improve your health, wellbeing and ability to perform to your true potential.

Sleep soundly with our advanced sleep tracking algorithm that quantifies your light, REM and deep sleep and shows you your heart rate, heart rate variability and sleep quality.

Eat smarter with simple and fast nutrition tracking so that you can ensure that you are healthy and energized every day.

Move more with our activity tracking that assesses your heart rate, movement, speed, recovery and dynamics for over 30 different sports and activities (more to come!).

Recharge deeply with heart rate variability and resting heart rate assessment along with the ability to track your recharge tactics like sauna, cold water immersion, nature medicine and mindfulness minutes.

VIIVIO will send you daily 1% tips that are scientific, understandable and actionable so that you know what you can do to improve your health, enhance your wellbeing and perform to your potential consistently.

VIIVIO is the most advanced and effective app for people looking for healthy high performance. We can’t wait to welcome you to our app and community!