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Videorista Pocket

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Videorista Pocket


Videorista is the #1 Green Screen app for video production on the go! Simply stand in front of any green wall, browse our High Tech Royalty-Free collection of professional-quality virtual sets and start recording. You can even add lots of foreground 3D accessories to make it look even more impressive.

Get ready to take your video productions to a Hollywood Level !!

Videorista is the perfect tool chosen by film industry professional artists to create amazing scenes with sharp Visual Effects in the most affordable yet creative manner.

Using a conventional green screen backdrop, you can instantly jump from one virtual set to another in real-time. All the way from a News Virtual Set with foreground props and accessories to a classic Vintage Studio Interview with various camera angles, animated video backgrounds and realistic 3D depth.

Or why not start your own superhero blockbuster production today?


• Explore and choose from a vast visual effects collection of digital backgrounds, stock video and virtual sets.
• Switch from various custom camera angles depending on the distance from your actor.
• Enable, disable or even make combinations of foreground props and accessories for your set.
• Save and organize your videos in a beautiful collection with editing capabilities.
• Trim and export your videos to camera roll.
• Share your videos with your friends through your favourite social networks.
• Connect your iPhone to your Mac and share a live streaming broadcast with services such as Zoom while recording at your favourite virtual set.


Crafted by Visual Effects artists, Videorista is a High Tech Royalty-Free Stock Video collection which offers direct download of amazing futuristic, technological, cybernetic and innovative stock footage, as well as 3D virtual sets and tools for video post-production.

Go visit and take your video productions to their next Hollywood level!

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