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Video Teleprompter Pro

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Video Teleprompter Pro

Read your text straight from your phone while recording yourself. Just like a professional teleprompter
This app uses the front camera to record yourself while you read your script that's scrolling in front of you. It's made in a way that your eyes are facing the camera lens at all times and nobody can tell you're reading from a script!

Works great on iPads too!

key features:
- Your audience will never know you're reading form a script! The teleprompter is placed right below the camera in whichever way you're holding the device
- only app out there to do full size videos with teleprompter text on it
- both portrait and landscape modes to record both types of videos
- fully customizable video size, go window mode or full screen, or turn it off completely and only have the teleprompter.
- Full customizable teleprompter screen. Choose your own text color, background color, font sizes and scroll speed. Perfect if you wish to record far away from the iPad!
- Auto scrolling using voice recognition. The app knows when to pull up the upcoming text. You don't want voice recognition? No problem! You can also use the good old automatic scrolling and adjust its speed if you wish too, both options are available. What?!!! You still don't like automatic text scrolling? No worries, we got you covered, you can scroll up and down manually too.
- App remembers all your settings even if you close the app.
- Save your videos instantly to your gallery, no need to wait a long time like the other apps do to process the video!
Better eye contact: Designed to scroll your script close to the camera for better eye contact, in landscape or portrait mode.
Countdown timer: Set a countdown timer of up to 60 seconds to 'count you in' and begin recording automatically. You got all the time you need to feel prepared to record
- Stop-watch timer so that you keep track of time. Perfect for live speakers
- Get all of the features above right out off the box, no need to upgrade to premium!

Great app for entrepreneurs, course instructors, video bloggers, news reporting, show hosts, public speaking, do it yourself recoding ( dyi ), and product reviews

Comes with the Apple Watch remote controller app:
Get to control the recording from your wrist! You can put down your iPhone or your iPad on a stand and get to control the recording and the scrolling from your Apple Watch.
It's a huge time saver and it's so handy. What a game changer!
Yohann Taieb