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Video Sports Buffer Camera VAR

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Video Sports Buffer Camera VAR

Any camera app can record video as it's happening, but only Video Buffer can record it after it happened. You'll never miss a special moment again!

We're all used to pressing the record button and capturing life as it happens. But what if you could record things that already happened, pressing the button to capture the last few seconds? That's what makes Video Buffer so unique — you tell it how big a buffer to capture and then hit the record button when something happens. The buffer is saved and you haven't missed a thing.

Video Buffer can be vital in all kinds of ways. Sports trainers could use the app to record in-game moments after they happened, turning that mistake into a teachable moment. Referees can check decisions, using Video Buffer as their personal assistant referee. Parents can set an iPhone up to capture their kids playing, making it easy to record that funny interaction that might otherwise be lost. The possibilities are endless!

Video Buffer features include:

- buffered video recording that ensures you'll never miss a moment again
- custom buffer time, resolution, and FPS means you have complete control over what you're capturing
- Apple Watch support — now you have a remote on your wrist to make it easier than ever to hit that record button when something happens
- Slow-motion support to give sports and fitness trainers the very best look at that swing, ball movement, or technique

If you've ever missed something because you couldn't hit a record in time, Video Buffer is the answer!
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