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VIBE creates personalized music mixes for your mood. Ease stress, increase focus and improve sleep with immersive music & binaural beats. Created alongside neuroscientists, VIBE is proven to reduce anxiety and increase positivity. Connect your Apple Watch and allow your heart rate to drive your experience.

Vibe connects with Apple’s HealthKit to save and store your Vibe session as a Mind & Body workout. You can view details about each workout like minutes listened and your change in heart rate on your dashboard of the Apple's Health app.

“Really loving this app. Music really helps me calm down in times of crisis and the fact that I have an app that curates music just for me is really lovely...”

“A beautiful experience: effective and transporting. Every time I use this app, I come out of the experience feeling like I’ve taken a micro-vacation. The nature sounds and vibrations are completely transporting, and calm me down when I can’t shake a stressed out mood.”

Choose the mode that matches your wellness goals:
• CALM - Relax, reduce anxiety, and relieve stress
• FOCUS - Get in the zone for productivity
• SLEEP - Prime your mind for deep sleep
• ENERGIZE - Boost your energy levels

Using an emotional assessment grid, VIBE measures your emotional states before, during, and after the session. This helps to train the AI to better personalize music for your wellness goals. Track the results of your mood-states over-time in our post-session charts. Your personal music companion becomes more personalized with each listen, to help you reach your wellness goals.

VIBE Premium
Try out all premium features and modes for the first 7 days. After the first week, for Premium modes (Calm, Sleep, Focus, Energize), please choose a monthly or yearly subscription to VIBE.

For more information on the technology behind VIBE, visit or email [email protected]! We always welcome your feedback and questions.

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