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Do you want to achieve more and increase your productivity in life? Set your goal and let us Vervo helps you commit to it. Build better habits and manage your tasks better with Vervo. We are more than a standard daily planner or task manager! Vervo also has unique features such as vision board and community support that will boost your motivation to reach your goals and stick to your commitment. Download and try Vervo for FREE now!

Setting a goal is easy. Achieving it can be a real challenge for many people. Vervo is a powerful tool that has been used and trusted by more than ten thousand users to keep them on their track for more productive lives.

¬ SET GOALS: Start your journey by setting a goal for yourself. Think about what you want to achieve and set your goal. Do you want to exercise more or do you want to pay off your debt? Do you plan to ace your exam? Don’t forget to set the deadline for your goal.
¬ PRIVATE, FRIENDS, OR PUBLIC GOAL: You can choose whether you want to keep your goal for yourself, share it with your friends, or make it public so everyone in the Vervo community can support your goal.
¬ NOTES, TASKS & REMINDERS: Add notes, tasks, and reminders to help you achieve your goal. If you want to ace your exam, you can list down the course outline or books you need to read. If you want to achieve financial independence, you can list your debts, savings, and earnings. In the Tasks section, you can also set Priority for every task.
¬ BUILD HABITS AND ROUTINES: To achieve your goal, you need to build positive habits and routines. You can color-code your routines, set icon, and how many times a day you want to perform the task, the frequency, and whether or not you need a reminder.
¬ BADGES AND POINTS: Small things matter. We give you badges and points for your accomplishment as small rewards to help you keep your commitment.
¬ VISION BOARD: Need some inspirations and motivations? Choose at least 3 images with inspirational quotes that can inspire you in your journey in our vision board. You may also add videos as the source of your inspiration.
¬ COMMUNITY SUPPORT: Create a public goal and achieve your goal together. Get support from people in our community to build good habits together.
¬ EDIT AND TRACK YOUR GOALS: Add more tasks, notes, routines, and reminders whenever you need it. Don’t forget to track your progress by going to the Stats section.
• GET PRESET GOALS such as Become Organized, Daily Booster, Social Media Detox, Yoga for Back pain, and more!

Note: please allow Notification so we can send you reminders for your tasks and routines.

A lot of people underestimate the importance of social support from your closest friends or family or even strangers! In Vervo, we acknowledge the power of emotional support in motivating people to build good habits and achieve their goals. Invite your friends and family to Vervo and share your journeys toward more productive and happier lives!
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