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Verizon Care Smart

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Verizon Care Smart

The Verizon Care Smart app lets you activate and manage Care Smart’s Get Help– Professional Monitoring service, as well as other Care Smart features, on eligible models* Apple Watch, Samsung Galaxy Watch and Google Pixel Watch connected through a valid plan to the Verizon network. Use the Care Smart app to set up Care Smart’s Get Help - Professional Monitoring (subscription required). A Get Help agent responds 24/7 when you tap the watch’s Get Help button or when the watch reports a fall. As needed, the agent can notify emergency services with your location and can also conference in a trusted personal contact. Your Trust Circle contacts can view your location and are notified when the agent closes your case.

(In contrast, the Verizon Care Smart Watch is also compatible with the Care Smart app, but that watch does not support the Get Help services. However, it does allow the watch user’s Trust Circle contacts to communicate with and locate the watch by using the Care Smart app.)

Care Smart Get Help - Professional Monitoring for eligible models of Apple Watch, Samsung Galaxy Watch and Google Pixel Watch is now available as part of the Verizon MyPlan SmartWatch Data and Safety Perk. Learn more here:

*Care Smart is available for Apple Watch 4 and later, Samsung Galaxy Watch4 and later, and Google Pixel Watch.
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