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If you care about healthy eating, exercising and your heart health, and if you sleep regularly but still think you do
not have a quality life, you have a new life coach: VEPLUS.
Vakıf Pension invites you to a healthy life with VEPLUS, wanting to add value to your life, raise the quality of your
life and provide you with special services. As your New Life Coach, VEPLUS helps you care about your life and
health. Thanks to nutrition and quality living tips tailored for you, it makes your life better. Moreover, VEPLUS
offers you the opportunity to benefit from our insurance services that are suited to your lifestyle.
With this wearable technology application that integrates with iPhone and Apple Watch, you can monitor your
heart rate, see how many steps you have taken and how many calories you have burned during the day, display
the daily, weekly and monthly trends of your exercises, track your medicines, see the analysis of your regular and
quality sleeps, and track your calorie and step goals.
Available on the App Store, VEPLUS is innovating your life.
- Heart rate monitor
- Step counter
- Walking-running distance
- Amount of calories taken and burned
- Daily, weekly and monthly trend graphics of all such data
- Ideal sleep monitor
- Reminder and tracker for regularly taken medicines
- Tracking targets with end-of- day summary
- Thanks to your VEPLUS score linked with your body mass index and number of steps, it is easier to monitor
your healthy behaviors.
- If you allow it, the health data obtained can be recorded in HealthKit.
- It works synchronously with the Apple’s Health application.
The GPS running on the background may significantly decrease the battery life.
Vakıf Emeklilik A.Ş