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Velvet. Discounts and bonuses.

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Velvet. Discounts and bonuses.

Velvet allows the venue customer to invest money in a quick and, most importantly, easy way in any venue, the services of which he or she uses.

Imagine a situation that almost everyone has faced: you give a discount card to your friend and he or she, in turn, shares some of the savings with you. This is Velvet. You put money on a deposit to a venue, and it provides you with a bonus, which can be used for paying for venue services and in addition can be sold to other users at your price.

Thus Velvet allows customers to save, investors to earn from the sale of bonuses, and venues to receive prepaid bills, generating a flow of loyal customers.

At a first glance, the idea of bonuses is not new. But Velvet gives a customer an opportunity not only to actually buy discounts, but also monetize them, selling them to other customers.

• Online payment in your favorite venues with a discount of up to 70%.
• Purchase of deposits with a tangible bonus.
• Earning from selling deposits at your price.
• Map of categorized organizations of your city.
• A catalog with the possibility to filter and sort organizations.
• History of operations and calculation of your total benefits.
• Selected list of organisations.

How does the payment process work?
1) Opening the app.
2) Automatic detection of the organization where you are in, and if this function is disabled, selection of the organization from the list of available ones.
3) Entering a bill amount, receipt number and payment. The system will automatically buy back the necessary amount from investors or a venue at a minimum price. You will then see the bill with a significant discount.

We work daily to improve the app. If you encounter any problem or have an interesting idea, email us at [email protected]
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