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Indoor cycling workouts to help you achieve your fitness goals! Whether you want to lose weight, improve your general health and fitness or become a better cyclist; Velonomix has you covered. Perfect for at home or at the gym.

• Get started immediately with 4 free workouts.
• Build your own session with the custom workout creator.
• No sign up or account needed.

Unlock individual workout collections:
• Fitness goal specific workout plans.
• Options for beginner, intermediate and advanced riders.
• Follow the predefined weekly schedule or train at your own pace.
• One-time purchases (No subscription).

App Features:
• Step-by-step visual guidance during your workouts.
• Audio cues to prepare you when changing speed or resistance.
• Session and interval timers.
• Choose between cadence (RPM) or percentage-based speed values.
• Apple Health and Activity app integration.
• Connect a bluetooth heart rate monitor or your Apple Watch to see your live heart rate during a workout.
• See an estimate of the calories you're burning based on your heart rate and Apple Health data.
• Easy, moderate, hard and punishing difficulty levels!
• Keeps the screen active if your device is unlocked during a workout.
• Keeps your music playing from other apps whilst you workout.
• Connect Apple Music to skip, play and pause your music without leaving the app.
• Full workout history to monitor your progress.

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