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Velo Cycling GPS

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Velo Cycling GPS

Velo - Cycling GPS Reimagined.

"It doesn't get any easier, you just get faster" - Greg Lemond.

What is Velo?

Velo was conceived when the app I used to record rides decided to not work. As I looked at the alternatives I realised none really provided what I actually wanted - something that would help me get faster. Velo allows you to set a target pace and gives you continuous time gaps for every pedal stroke of your ride.

- Works with Apple Watch Series 2 GPS so you can leave your phone at home.
- Set a target average speed for your ride and Velo will tell you how many seconds up or down your are in realtime.
- Follow your target either on an Apple Watch or on your phone using a bike phone mount.
- Integrates with Strava and Activity.
- Plays notification sounds on your Apple Watch to let you know how you're progressing.
- Works with the heart rate monitor in the Apple Watch.
- Keeps a record of all your rides completed in Velo allowing you to check your progress.
- Auto pauses your ride when you are stationary.

Additional Pro Features (requires in-app purchase):
- Select previous rides to race against in Ghost Mode. Ride against your best ride or select a ride with similar weather conditions.
- Set start and end locations for your ride. No more losing time getting going on your ride.
- Configure which metrics to view on the Apple Watch.
- Play back your previous rides and see where you gained and lost time. Complete with wind speed and direction.
- Themes: Change the colour of Velo.
Alisdair Mills