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Veeda is an iOS app designed to seamlessly and effortlessly collect health data
from the Apple Watch or other health tracking devices of people being monitored (User 1) by their family members, health care professionals or caregivers (User 2).

User 2 keeps track of key health categories such as Heart Rate, Active Energy, Resting Energy, and Steps Taken of User 1. User 2 will be able to see information gathered from User 1’s health tracking device and receive notifications when critical health metrics are not within the normal ranges set within the app.

Through automatic syncing of this data from Apple Watch or other wearables to the built-in Apple Health app on the iPhone of User 1, User 2 can remotely monitor the important health metrics of User 1 in the Veeda app on the former’s iPhone or its companion Apple Watch app.

Veeda is essentially a pocket health monitor.

The app allows User 2 to identify up to 6 Users 1 to regularly monitor and follow.
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