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Become a lighting designer in the privacy of your home. Create atmospheric coloured light or let your lighting automatically follow the natural course of the sun. Choose from a set of professionally pre-programmed light sequences or simply become creative at your own: With the App "Vario" and the control device "instalight Vario", impressing lighting creation proves a breeze.

Main features:
- Control of indoor and outdoor lighting
- Control of coloured light with RGB or RGBW
- White light with controllable colour temperature (Tunable White TW)
- Dynamic light variations with up to 40 changes per second
- Intuitive colour selection via colour picker or front camera of the iPhone
- Storage of up to four user-defined light colours
- Operation via iPhone and Apple Watch
- Human Centric Lighting due to sun light simulation synchronised to the time of day
- Combined profiles offer separate control of ambient- and general lighting
- Automatic operation via internal timer with individual switch-on/-off times for all light scenes
- Control interfaces: DALI, PWM, DMX, LEDTRIX

Additional note:
- Requires control device „instalight Vario“ (see
- Commissioning of the control device via separate App "Vario Setup" (free)
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