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Vario One

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Vario One

VARIO One - Your vario now becomes smart.

A variometer belongs in the luggage of every paraglider pilot. Just like a helmet and the glider itself, that's for sure. If only these black blocks were not such heavyweights - heavy in price, heavy to operate and heavy to carry. How smart, on the other hand, would a variometer be right in your smart device, simply as an app? And one that is as precise and reliable as a professional variometer?

Doesn't exist? Yes, here it is! Discover VARIO ONE, the smart variometer app, and find out here what VARIO ONE can do:

First things first:
1. the Apple Watch app can be used without an iPhone! It beeps and lasts for hours!
2. you do NOT need any other devices. The iPhone from version 12 and the Apple Watch from version 6 have very fine sensors (pressure socket).

FUNCTIONS FOR iPhone App + Apple Watch App. Both apps can:

● Very precise acoustic variometer: due to the high-precision air pressure sensor, a climb is immediately audible. So you can react immediately and make the best use of the thermals
● Frequency pitches and sound volumes adapt to the climb values: so even the smallest thermals can be found and in larger ones you can react in a relaxed manner
● Display of altitude and speed over ground
The display of the wind direction is rotating: this means that you always see correctly from which direction the wind is coming to your current position. This way you can avoid dangerous leeward situations
The display of the wind speed is continuously recalculated: So you can quickly recognize when the wind gets stronger and go land in time.

FURTHER FUNCTIONS of the iPhone App:

The above functions are all in the iPhone app. In addition:

● For your iPhone, the VARIO ONE app also includes a handy flight log, which you can use for flight analysis, for example.
A glide ratio display is also included, of course: so you can easily calculate whether you can reach a landing site or another destination, or whether it would be better to look for an alternative in good time.
And as a little treat, you can choose between a White Mode and a Dark Mode: depending on how it suits your taste and the current lighting conditions best.


● Are you a Hike & Fly fan and count every gram on your excursions like Messner?
● Safety is your top priority and you like to have a second variometer with you as a back-up?
● You are looking for a very small vario with high-precision air pressure sensors and a rotating wind indicator?
● You have no more space in the cockpit or don't want to worry about another mount?


Advantages over classic Varios:

● Extremely accurate sensors: the built-in GPS and barometer meet the highest precision standards and easily outperform many hardware devices.

● You are always up to date: the app is updated within seconds and new features are added by us.

Intuitive to use: the VARIO ONE app is immediately understandable and easy to use. You won't find long and complicated instructions here.


You can try out all functions free of charge for the first 3 days.

Within this time you can cancel or choose between different subscriptions.
Subscriptions are automatically renewed after the expiration date.
Memberships are renewed automatically every month and will be cancelled 24 hours before the current
current term will be billed to your iTunes account. You can prevent this by canceling the automatic
renewal in the settings of your iTunes account at least 24 hours before the current
account settings. However, costs for any unused phases will not be refunded.
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