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Vagus ECG

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Vagus ECG

Based on our unique technology, VAGUS ECG provides you with a better understanding of your health, stress and general wellbeing. The app uses advanced cloud-based data analytics and complex AI-driven analytics to summarise results and advice for you in an easy-to-understand way. The app requires Apple Watch Series 4 or later.
For more information and use-cases; Join our weekly Clubhouse events hosted by Gustaf Kranck, the founder and CEO of Vagus Health, in the “Vagus” club.

• Perform a 30 second ECG test on you Apple Watch Series 4 or later
• See from your iPhone or Apple Watch how your breathing and pulse are synchronised and get insight into your current state and changes in health.
• See and feel how your own actions affect the data and your wellbeing
• We recommend doing three test daily to learn how your actions impacts your health
• Insert notes to track your routines and actions
• Send the results directly to your doctor or physician.

• Download the Vagus ECG app and register
• Open Apple’s standard “Apple ECG” app on your Apple Watch.
• Place your finger on the crown button of the watch and start by inhaling calmly for 5 seconds, then exhale 5 sec and continue this breathing pattern during 30 seconds (3 cycles of controlled breathing).
• ECG quality improves when you sit relaxed and undisturbed. Let your breathing and pulse calm down before running the test. If results are unexpectedly poor you can run the test again to secure that the ECG readings are correct.
• Read the test results on the VAGUS ECG app on your iPhone or see the summary on your Apple Watch.
• Add notes in the VAGUS ECG app on your iPhone.

This is one of the most cutting-edge ways I’ve ever seen to know how your nervous system is really doing – far more promise than even Heart Rate Variability, which was the gold standard.
– Dave Asprey, ‘Father of biohacking’, Founder of Bulletproof

Vagus Health Ltd is a Cambridge (UK) based bioelectronics company founded in 2017. Our focus is to develop vagus nerve diagnostics- and stimulation technology to measure and treat stress-, anxiety- and immune system related health problems. Our name comes from the vagus nerve, the longest and most important nerve bundle in the body.


ECG recordings and other data are integrated with Apple Watch via the Health App.

The Vagus ECG app, its test and the analysis data or advice are not medical diagnostics tools and they should not be used as such.

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Vagus Health Ltd.