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V-CUBE Gate is the best messenger tool to be used in any enterprise.
It supports multi-device, on mobile when you are travelling, or on your PC in the office.

In this application, you can use the following functions.
- One-to-one Chat
- Group Chat
- Send existing image file and send a newly taken photo
- Invitation to "V-CUBE Meeting"

Teams of use:
- Agreement or "V-CUBE Meeting" and "V-CUBE Document" is required to use an invitation to "V-CUBE Meeting"

*V-cube recommends a monthly unlimited cellular network plan if used over a cellular network. (please consult with your data carrier for any international or roaming rates)
*This application is copyrighted by V-cube, Inc.
*V-cube is not responsible for any incurred charges from this application, unreliable data connection or application performance.
V-cube, Inc.