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V-CUBE Gate 中文版

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V-CUBE Gate 中文版

IM for your own, chat content and data message with full control.

·Enterprise encryption
·Powerful user administration
·Free text chat service for enterprise
·Support wide range of platforms such as Windows, Mac, Smartphones and Tablets

- One-to-one Chat
- Group Chat
- real-time text, audio, image, video and file transfering.
- Invitation to "V-CUBE Meeting"

*V-cube recommends a monthly unlimited cellular network plan if used over a cellular network. (please consult with your data carrier for any international or roaming rates)
*This application is copyrighted by V-cube Tianjin Technology Co., Ltd.
*V-cube is not responsible for any incurred charges from this application, unreliable data connection or application performance.
V-cube Tianjin Technology Co., Ltd.