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Utterfly is an everyday voice-text memo pad, turning sound clips into annotatable documents and making them accessible from any iOS/WatchOS devices.

More than a handy audio recorder, Utterfly lets you mark and annotate points on audio timeline with text notes while recording or during playback.

With Utterfly, you can bundle any recorded or imported sound tracks with bookmarks and annotated texts, and save them all as one single "Utterfly Audio Note" document for easy reference and sharing.

Key Features:

* 5 preset recorder settings to suit different needs for file size and audio quality
* Recording supports 4 encoding formats - iLBC, AAC, M4A, and WAV
* No limit on recording length
* Highlight audio track while recording and during playback
* Highlight imported audio track while playing
* Import audio files from iCloud Drive, Dropbox, Box, Creative Cloud, and start annotate them
* Playback audio tracks handed over by other apps that support audio file formats
* Sync across multiple devices using iCloud
* Option avaliable for keeping all your audio notes on your mobile device only
* Continue audio playback or text reading on another device using Handoff

On Apple Watch:

* Record audio and pass the audio file back to the paired iPhone to create audio note and make annotations
* Playback audio and view bookmarked text notes of all audio notes in your archive
* Glance provides quick access to the latest audio note created
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