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Use mobile app or keypad for opening your door with Utopic-R.

Utopic-R Features:
- Direction adjustment with one click
- Set the number of lock turns with one click
- Creating a one-time access code to the guest without internet or bluetooth connection (for example, to be able to open the door to your guest who comes to your house even if you are not at home)
- Adjustable motor speed for different door and lock types
- Automatic locking feature each time the lock is opened (different times and lock types selection)
- With delayed locking feature, it allows you time to leave home before locking.
- Easy recharge and possibility to see the battery status through the application
- 40 different users can use lock
- Ability to grant the users who have the authority to open / close the lock for certain periods of time and to get this authorization whenever you want (for example, to allow the person who comes for cleaning on certain days only enter on that day).
- Delete the user you want from the mobile application
- Ability to report unlock / close actions date-time and by which user
- See the total number of operations on the lock
- Ability to make updates published by DESi for smart lock via bluetooth connection via mobile application
- Latch pull time adjustment for different types of locks and latch pull off feature for doors without latch.