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Utilitarian is a multi purpose utility app specially designed for Apple Watch. Our goal is to put all the best utilities in one place so you can quickly access them on your wrist whenever you need them. First up: number crunchers.

Scientific calculator with natural display:
- fractions, exponents, square roots and other math symbols are displayed as you would write them, making it easy to build complex readable expressions.
- decimal numbers can be displayed as fractions, and mixed numbers can be displayed as improper fractions.
- the result is instantly calculated as you type, and both the expression and the result are visible at all times.
- use the digital crown to scroll the keypad down for extra functions to add to your expression, as well as fraction to decimal conversions, degrees to radians, and pi.
- force touch to clear the display!

Unit converter:
- 12 different unit categories available for the most common conversions.
- currency converter automatically updates conversion rates from the IMF.
- everything is available on one screen for quick conversions, and there are optional submenus that display all options.

Tip calculator:
- the same as the rest of 'em, all on one screen.

We can't wait to add more utilities as more technologies become available for Apple Watch. What utilities would you like to see on your wrist? Let us know on our Facebook page:
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