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uTeach Staff

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uTeach Staff

uTeach Staff is an application designed to make classroom administration quick and easy. Designed by teachers for teachers, uTeach Staff reduces the time you spend handling administrative tasks and maximises the time you can spend teaching.

uTeach's primary in-class function is to accurately record student attendance and communicate that information to your school's attendance system. All of this information can be easily retrieved when it comes time to write reports or meet with parents. There are also reminders of students' recent absences so that you can ensure they have caught up.

If part of your job includes finding students or teachers during the day, uTeach's Where is? feature will save you a lot of time. uTeach knows everyone's the timetables and so can tell you where someone should be throughout the day, it won't track them to the local coffee shop, but it will tell you what classroom they're meant to be in.

All your information is held securely within your iPhone or iPad and geo-location is used to keep potentially sensitive data secure when you are away from work, student photographs are hidden and demographic data concealed whenever you're more than a short distance from your school.

uTeach also provides a summary widget for your device's Today screen, giving you an overview of your work day.

Overall uTeach Staff will make your classroom administration more efficient and less disruptive to your teaching.

Features of uTeach Staff 3.0.0

• Displays your full daily timetable for every day of the school year
• Highlights daily alterations to the usual timetable
• Integrates with the Attendance system to remind you to take attendance
• Can display the timetable for every teacher and student for the whole school year
• Today screen summary

• Records attendance for any standard time period during the day
• Identifies students by name or photograph
• Displays recent absences and birthdays
• Archives your attendance data for each student for the entire school year
• Also records homework completion and bringing equipment to class
• Can use student cards with QR or barcodes to take large group attendance

Student data
• Has student demographic data, including parental contact information
• Can display photograph of student
• Holds medical and learning support information relevant to classroom teachers
• Has yearly record of absences
• Securely hides the data when the user is away from the school site

• Caches all data so an active internet connection is not needed at all times
• Simple, but secure, initial log in process
David Reidy