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Welcome come to USTCBot, a powerful USTC (University of Science and Technology of China) 's mobile app on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch for all iOS devices. USTCBot is designed for undergraduates, graduates, professors and teachers in USTC.

# Key Features of USTCBot

•Apple Watch
- Complication
Set USTCBot in Apple Watch Complication and you can check the latest school bus information and courses information when you raised you arm.
- Time Travel
While you are scrolling the digital crown of your watch, you are in Time Travel. At this time, USTCBot automatically provides you the correspond school bus information and courses information based on the exact time you traveled to.

•Today Widget

•School Bus
- Auto locate your campus and offer you the latest school bus time
- Provides full timetables of every campus's school bus
- You can add notifications for a specific time in school bus timetables

•Bulletin Board System (BBS)
- Visit USTC's bulletin board
- Explore top posts in the board
- Send posts to the board
- Share posts to social networks
- Send instant messages to other users
- Check messages from other users

•Courses Table
- Automatically synchronize your courses from the education system
- Manually add course to the courses table
- Courses table enables you to check the daily courses or all weekly courses
- Edit the existing course information
- A gorgeous user interface just similar to the traditional paper-based courses table (iPhone users can use this in the landscape mode)

•School Library
- Search books in USTC's library
- Advanced search (By book name, author name, publisher etc.)
- Share books to social medias

•Split-Screen & Landscape supported

# Note

When you use this software to search books and courses or visit bbs, it may produce mobile data traffic charges;
The speed of searching books depends on USTC's network itself.

# Support

I really hope you enjoy USTCBot as I do. For any suggestions, tips or complaints, please feel free to contact me:)
E-mail:[email protected]
Hengyu Zhou