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Usher by MicroStrategy

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Usher by MicroStrategy

All of the features and functionality you loved in Usher is now available in the rebranded MicroStrategy Badge application.

By creating a digital identity on your smartphone, MicroStrategy Badge replaces dated access control tools like keycards, passwords, and security tokens with a unified digital credential that offers an amazing user experience without sacrificing security.

Whether you are an employee, partner, or customer, MicroStrategy Badge securely projects your identity to connected systems around you and seamlessly logs you into the business applications and physical resources that comprise your enterprise.

In addition to providing advanced authentication and access management with time, location, and biometric-based options, the MicroStrategy Badge also generates critical back-end information to power market-leading business intelligence and analytics that can be used to enhance security, improve employee, vendor, and partner engagement, and streamline compliance.

Get the new MicroStrategy Badge app for the latest functionality and features!

If you are a current Usher user, please download Badge now and remove the Usher app from your device.
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