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Urgency wants to help you keep in touch with family, friends, & neighbors during emergencies.

Urgency is a location-based emergency app to notify your preferred contacts, family, friends,
and neighbors, when you are in need of assistance. Urgency sends text messages to these
contacts with your GPS location.

Urgency will send an updated location every 15 minutes until you disable the alert, so your
contacts can keep track of your movements while they are on their way to assist you.

Urgency alerts are not sent using your phone’s built-in messenger to avoid being disabled by
anyone other than yourself, but you will need an active data or wifi connection for Urgency to
function effectively.

Press the SOS button and Urgency will take care of the rest. Have an Apple Watch? Urgency
can be triggered from your Apple Watch without ever taking your phone out of your pocket.

Download Urgency, because emergencies cannot wait!
Famjam, Inc.