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Urgences Vaud by Medigo

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Urgences Vaud by Medigo

Urgences Vaud by Medigo, your indispensable healthcare partner for time-saving, fast access to emergency centers in the canton of Vaud!

Our application puts an end to long waits for non-vital emergencies. Urgences Vaud can help you make your emergency room experience more pleasant and efficient:

• Follow in real time how busy the canton's emergency centers are with non-life-threatening emergencies, and optimize your care.

• Our sophisticated indicators provide you with information on center occupancy, enabling you to choose the one best suited to your needs: "low" (green), "moderate" (yellow) or "high" (red).

• Our algorithm makes life easier by recommending the best center according to your location, mode of transport and waiting time.

• Quickly find the right care for your needs with our six specialties covered: General Medicine, Hand-Arm-Wrist, Pediatrics, Ophthalmology, Gynecology and Maternity.

• Take advantage of our advice to avoid waiting and save precious time when you're in pain.

• Get personalized support by calling the specialists at the Centrale Téléphonique des Médecins de Garde for free advice before going to the emergency department.

Urgences Vaud by Medigo is the health companion that helps you save time and make the most of your non-life-threatening emergencies.
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