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UrboTask:Hourly Reminder-Anydo

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UrboTask:Hourly Reminder-Anydo

Set unlimited number of tasks, reminders of notes, images, and links by just one-time payment, no monthly or annual fees.
Get accurate with Urbotask: All you need as an individual planner to organize your day.
No limits! No ads! Your routine has a big impact on how you feel.
Try it today!

**Organize a plan for your days, weeks, months, and years easily.**
Unlimited tasks: Important events, meetings, to-do lists, doctor appointments, along awaited TV shows premiers, coming soon holidays, wedding dates, and upcoming events you don’t want to miss.
Repeated alarms: Set UNLIMITED reminders for one task (taking medicine, washing your hands etc…)
Website Reminder: Copy a website address to the app and it will remind you of a specific time to open it in each browser that you wish.
Edit Reminders: Edit the alarm that you have set for the task without removing it.

Colorful interface: View a new combination of colors every time you open the app.
Prioritizing tasks: The higher is the priority, the hotter is the color of the task! (with colorful design)
Customizable app Icon: Change both the icon and the theme of the app by having a unique icon.
Accessibility: Easy access to every feature such as edit, remind, etc…
Easily Distinguish Reminders: Add images and comments to your reminders for easy identifications.
Pre-alarm: Unlimited pre-alarm, receive unlimited notifications before the actual due date.
Completed Tasks: Recognize the tasks that you were able to done or not with just one tap.
Task Finding: Search and sort your tasks by priority or date of creation.
Countdown Strategy: Remember deadlines with reminders and due dates.

- Easy sync with iCloud.
- Available on 5 different languages
- Shortcuts: All the power from iOS: Siri, today widget, share extension, handoff, and quick actions.
- Available on iOS Light mode/Dark mode.

Urbotask for all purposes:
1. Bill planner
2. Shopping list
3. Set reminders
4. Task management
5. Business calendar
6. Note-taking
7. Birthdays, Anniversaries
8. and more…
Repeat throughout the day
• Repeat every x minutes (Every 20 minutes, Every 90 minutes)
• Repeat every X hours (Every hour, Every 4 hours)
• Repeat at specific times (9:15, 10:30, 11:50)
• Daily
• Weekly
• Monthly
• Yearly

• Repeat daily for 21 days and then take 7 days off (Birth Control)
• Repeat for 3 consecutive days and then take 2 days off

Why you will love Urbotask on iOS:
Stay organized from your iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.
Use a button anywhere to insert new tasks.
Planner, reminder, checklist, and task manager, helping you to get things done.
Create to-do lists, reminders, and notes for any purpose.
Stay organized and manage your day with Urbotask.
Urbotask is a task management and planner app that makes it easy to set and achieve a personal goal.
Stay organized and manage your life.
Reschedule reminders to a new time and date in the future.
Set reminders and more to improve your productivity and focus on what matters.
Set smart reminders throughout your day and analyze your progress daily, weekly, and monthly.
Capture and organize your tasks the moment they pop into your head.
You will be better organized anywhere.
You will focus only on important things.
Powerful for its simplicity and convenience of use.
All in one. Easy to use.
Parisa Nakhaei