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Achieve. Live. Love. UNLIMITED. Track and understand your emotions -> Support each other -> Find gratitude -> Grow faster.

Harvard Business School, renowned coach and performance trainer Tony Robbins, the pioneer of Positive Psychology Martin Seligman, Stanford PhD Psychologist Barbara Fredrickson, and countless other experts all agree: being aware of your emotions, understanding what they tell you, and having a growth mindset are essential for success.

Using an iPhone or Apple Watch, track your emotional being throughout the day. Strive for daily 3-to-1 positive to negative emotions. Share what you feel with your closest family and friends. Be grateful. Live fearlessly. Supercharge your life. helps you:
- become aware of your feelings
- understand the context when they occur (e.g. what makes me happy is family at home; what makes me stressed is my boss at work)
- snap out of the negative spiral of thinking
- power up your positivity
- know how your significant other/ closest family and friends are doing, and support each other
- keep a gratitude journal, and get perspective from others
- do all of the above in a private manner works best with Apple Watch: it was designed specifically for it, allowing you to record how you feel in one click. It’s the missing app for Apple Watch: personal, discreet, and immensely powerful.

Achieve. Live. Love. UNLIMITED.