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Universal Logbook

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Universal Logbook

Universal Logbook is a universally customisable iPhone / iPad / Apple watch logbook for rapidly recording any data on the go. Initially designed for medical trainees it is now in use by many non-medical users including mountaineering, kayaking, equipment repairing, Search and rescue to name a few.

Universal logbook differs from other logbooks in that the customisation is stored in a separate plugin file. Simply by activating a plugin, the logbook transforms, including colours, menus and field types. Furthermore, the top level selection menu uses a unique hierarchical picker wheel to quickly find and select the appropriate title item even if the menu structure has thousands of items.

Supported field types
Text, Timestamp, Number, Multiline text, menu (single and multi choice), radio buttons, image.

Advanced functionality
Some of the advanced functionality developed over the years includes
live charts (turn the phone landscape), Pivot tables.
PDF, RTF, CSV and HTML export.
Excel - xlsx export - coloured, multi tabbed .
Customiseable filters
Backup/ Restore
Passcode with thumb and face recognition.
URL Scheme for auto adding data

Apple Watch compatibility
The logbook allows full Apple Watch compatibility allowing menu driven data entry, editing and handover. Data can also be input via voice and handwriting recognition.

Current Plugins (Constantly adding more free on request)
GPAppraisal, Emergency medicine, radiology, Surgery, Urology, Orthopaedics,ENT, Obs & gynae, orthodontic & maxillofacial surgery, ophthalmology,Pain, Perioperative US, Sports Medicine cardiology, medical student, anaesthetics (RCOA compliant) and neurosurgery (EANS compliant), neurosurgery (french), Mountaineering, Search & Rescue, PHARM, Psychiatry Medicine plugin - includes Chest, Imaging, Rheumatology, Circulation, Renal, Haem,GI, Derm, Neuro, Cardio, Uro and Emergency procedures.
Plugins can be created and edited in App. I am also happy to create new templates on request.

Support and Reviews
I personally provide support and will answer emails and enquiries as soon as possible.
Thanks very much for the positive reviews. The app is rated 4 stars on the UK store and is now being discovered by users worldwide.
If you have any problems please email me before issuing negative reviews as many issues can be resolved or fixed with a rapid update if necessary.

It's been over 20 years since I wrote the original electronic logbook for radiology trainees and 9 years since release of the Universal Logbook for iPhone/ iPad. Over this time I owe a huge debt of gratitude to all those trainees of all specialties who have supported and helped develop the Universal Logbook. Thanks also go to the many non-medical users.

Development continues on a non-profit basis. Just email me if you think of any good functionality.
There are no subscriptions or in-app purchases. Once bought its your logbook for life.

More info, downloadable user guide and contact details at
Raj Burgul