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Universal Baby Monitor Pro

by Bipfun
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Universal Baby Monitor Pro

by Bipfun
Baby Monitor is a universal video baby monitor that allows you to check on your baby from your smartphone or tablet, wherever you are, thanks to a Wi-Fi or 3G/4G connection.

It’s very simple to use Baby Monitor, you just need to install the application on your devices and select one of them to be the parent monitor and another to be the baby monitor.


Baby Monitor allows parents to communicate directly with their baby via the microphone of their device. This functionality brings parents closer to their babies and allows them to calm them down with their voice.

**WIFI OR 3G/4G**

Check on your baby even without Wifi connection, Baby Monitor also works on 3G/4G


Baby Monitor is compatible with the majority of smartphones and tablets, you won’t need to have two identical devices at home anymore! Consider looking at the Help Section for more information on the installation of Baby Monitor
A Mac app is also available to watch your sleeping baby from your computer.
Also works with Apple Watch


If the baby wakes up or moves, Baby Monitor immediately detects the sound and you will be informed on your device. Sound sensitivity can be set within the application settings and other types of sounds are available for warnings.


Let your baby fall asleep thanks to 12 adorable nightlights in the shape of a cat, sheep, ladybug and many other creatures.
You can deactivate the nightlight if your baby is already sleeping.


You can record the sleep of your baby directly on iCloud and consult the recordings at a later time.


Choose the viewing angle of your baby and observe around him thanks to live camera switch. Switch from the front to the back camera without moving. Activate the flash light to see at night.


Don’t miss a thing! Baby Monitor shows the battery level of your baby’s monitor, as well as the signal quality. If you do not hear anything, it’s because the baby is asleep!

WARNING: we suggest that parents activate Flight Mode on their baby’s device in order to eliminate sounds and reduce the emission of signal waves. It is not recommended to leave your iPhone or iPad on the same bed as your baby. It is preferable to place it on a nearby table in order to ensure the safety of your baby.
It is formally prohibited to spy on people without their knowledge and their consent. You are under obligation to prevent people at risk from being spied on.
The publisher cannot be held liable in case of improper usage of this application.

RESPECT OF PRIVACY: Rest assured that no data from Baby Monitor will be stored without your knowledge, the video feed is protected and you are the only ones who can access it.