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Unity Light

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Unity Light

The best unit converter app on the market, simple.

Unity is a Unit Conversion App like no other. Specifically, Unity is built with simplicity in mind.
As well as being simplistic in it's approach, Unity is powerful - with over 250 conversion types to choose from already, and more arriving with every update.

Unity can reliably convert Angles, Area, Capacitance, Clothing, Data, Distance, Energy, Mileage, Power, Pressure, Speed, Temperature, Time, Typography, Volume and Weight.

You can also create favourites in order to quickly access those frequently used conversions. Well, there's more important things to do with your day than search for Pennyweights.

As well as having a huge range of units already built in, Unity is here for you. We are happy to add any unit to the app - just get in touch!
Jamie Ransom