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Unit Converter For Geeks

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Unit Converter For Geeks

Unit Converter For Geeks helps you convert any units with a simple, intuitive interface.

Completely free - no ads, no limitations!

* Add favorite conversion pairs on the main screen
* Decimal, mixed fraction, and scientific notation input modes. Automatically select a proper presentation mode
* Precise conversion. Application uses precise definition of units. Ex.: 101325 / 760 instead of 133.32 for Millimeters Of Mercury unit definition
* Each unit formula carefully tested
* Wide variety of supported units: US Survey units, US Customary units, Imperial system, Apothecaries' system, etc. More to come in next versions!
* Sync conversion pairs between your Apple devices
* Dark Mode Support
* iPad Support
* Spotlight Support
* Apple Watch Support
* Voiceover Support
* Works Offline - No internet connection required

211 units supported

Conversion categories:
* Acceleration
* Angle
* Area
* Duration
* Energy
* Fuel Efficiency
* Length
* Mass
* Power
* Pressure
* Speed
* Temperature
* Volume

Application is constantly improving. If you have any suggestions or feedback, please contact us at [email protected]
Warsbee LLC