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Uncle Remus Stories by J.C. Harris

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Uncle Remus Stories by J.C. Harris

America is a "melting pot" of different cultures, languages and nationalities, but have you ever heard something about African-American folkltales? Let us represent you a new collection of audiobooks - Uncle Remus Stories by J.C. Harriscalled made specially for those who can`t spend a day without reading! In 19th century he collected animal stories, songs, and oral folklore from Southern United States African-Americans. Now you have an opportunity to dive into the mysterious world of myths and legends that is connected with the history of Afracan-Americans. In a modern world it`s hard to find our roots, but with these joyful and addictive folklore stories you will deepen and broaden your understanding of American nation and feel the diversity of American culture. It is definitely a great food for your imagination, for both children and adults!

This collection includes the following stories: Brer Rabbit Treats The Creeturs To A Race, Brer Rabbit’s Frolic, Brothers Bear’s Big House, How Mr. Lion Lost His Wool, How Mr. Rabbit Was Too Sharp For Mr. Fox. Tap on the screen to choose a story, push the "play" button and become a part of cultural heritage.

Uncle Remus Stories by J.C. Harris Features:
- 5 amazing folklore stories
- great for children and adults
- perfect for your imagination
- learn more about African-American culture
- high quality sound

Uncle Remus Stories by J.C. Harris will be loved by everyone who is opened to everything new!
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