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You define your tasks - unchaosWork will tell you when to execute it!

Discover unchaos Work - the probably smartest App in the world.

Ready to boost your productivity? Un-chaos your work life and find out the secret of success of efficient people.

Unchaos work is more than a to do list app. The intelligent prediction function enables smart working. It’s your personal assistant and intelligent success coach. It predicts which tasks you can manage the most productive. You can use unchaos work to track working time and your productivity. It helps you organize projects and is a useful tool for structuring your everyday life.

How does it work? You type in the goals and tasks you work on, the artificial intelligence does the maths and our recommendations help you choose the task you can manage the most productive. Make unchaos work your success habit!

unchaos work combines the functions of a

- to do list

- daily planner

- reminder

- organizer

- goal tracker

- productivity planner

- goal tracker

- brain dump

- focus time tracker

- productivity tracker

- progress monitor

- motivation app

- week planner

- simple work tracker

UNCHAOS work will enable you to be more productive in reaching your goals (professional and private). By analyzing different kind of data the application will make individual AI-based predictions for the tasks you should work on at the moment.
With this you will be enabled to stay in the focus and avoid unproductive time in the execution of a certain task.

As every human being is different we invented an iAI (individual Artificial Intelligence) Module: depending on you, our algorithm will be individually crafted, trained and evaluated.

Depending on your motivation / ambition you can select between two types of intelligence-modules. While the BASIC module gives generic recommendations in different scenarios, the PRO module increases the precision of the recommendations by taking you individual data into account and improves over the time through continous training iterations! Datasecurity & Privacy is very important for us - the retraining of the algorithm is not happning in a big server farm on another continent, it happens directly on your iOS-device!

- individual data
- continous on-device trainings
- on-device predictions

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