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Umpire's Watch

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Umpire's Watch

Umpire Watch is a digital umpire clicker on your wrist!

• Designed for 1 click per pitch interaction.
• Click Balls, Strikes, Outs, Fouls and New Batter to manage your counts.
• Batter reset can be automatic or manual.
• Umpire's Watch settings support Little League, High School, Slow Pitch Softball, Fast Pitch Softball, MSBL and Pro leagues.
• Change settings from pro defaults for balls, strikes, outs, innings and fouls to match the rules of whatever game you are umpiring.
• Fouls can be set to infinity, as in amateur and pro baseball, or to a number that results in an out, as often happens in slow pitch softball.
• The UI provides colored hints regarding the context of the next pitch and last pitch. For example, the Strikes number will be Yellow with 2 strikes, and then red with 3 after recording the last strike with default settings.
• The game start time is tracked from the moment Play Ball! is clicked, to help enforce game time limits.
• End of game/extra innings are indicated when the innings number turns red.
• On Apple Watch, Force Touch at the end of the game to end the tracking for this game, and get ready for the next one!
• Umpire's Watch is also designed to stay in sync when clicking on either Watch or iPhone with both open.

Apple Watch not required, iPhone is a complete digital clicker, too!