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Ultrahuman is the world’s most advanced metabolic fitness platform.

**Featured in**

Techcrunch, Forbes, Cheddar and Economic times

**Best of CES Fitness Tech 2021**

**Over 50,000+ people in the waitlist**

Ultrahuman helps you understand your metabolism using glucose biomarkers. Your metabolism affects your energy levels, body fat %, sleep and cognitive performance. Using the Ultrahuman app and the glucose sensor that comes along as a part of the subscription, you will be able to improve your food habits and exercise in real-time and without any drastic cuts.

**Food score**

Get personalized food score based on the glucose response generated by the food you consume in real-time. This food score is highly personal and depends on an individual’s stress levels, sleep trends, gut microbiome and the ingredients of the food. This helps you figure the foods that work for you and the foods that need further optimization. There are no bad foods.

**Workout fueling**

Fuel your workout or sports activity via Ultrahuman’s fueling score. The fueling score helps you figure the levers for improving your exercise performance and recovery. A high fueling score would indicate better recovery and optimized food intake. Make your carb loading precise and effective.

**Metabolic score*

The metabolic score is the summary of your overall metabolic fitness. It represents your state of metabolism in real-time. It’s a score out of a max score of 100. Higher metabolic score means you’ll be primed for fat loss and have more stable energy levels. Consistently maintaining a high metabolic score helps improve body composition, cognitive performance and sexual health apart from helping you avoid chronic disorders.


- HS Prannoy, Indian Badminton Player - Career High World Rank No.8, First Indian to win the US Open Badminton Championships title

Ultrahuman Cyborg has played a big part in my nutrition not just during my training but also during competition. I've had stable and consistent glucose levels, leading to better focus and performance. Fixing my nutrition has helped me reach the finals and win Silver at the Swiss Open '22. Now I know what works for my body to perform at its peak.

- Varsha Rohit, Professional Sprinter, Winner of Multiple Gold Medals at National Competitions

Ultrahuman Cyborg tells me what food works best for me. It has helped me learn more about my diet and how to fuel better for my workouts. A lot of times, we end up underfueling and that can have a great impact on an athlete’s performance. The fueling score in the Ultrahuman app is a great indicator of where exactly I need to improve my fueling to bring my A game!

- Akhil Rabindra, - GT4 Race Driver - Currently Driving for Racing Spirit Of Leman Team in the GT4 European Series - Aston Martin Racing Academy Driver 2021, 2020 & 2019

As a sportsman in motorsport, I am always aiming to be hydrated, well rested, calm, having the right nutrition (correct carbs) to deploy during the race and to maintain stable glucose levels for increased concentration. Ultrahuman Cyborg helped me gather data about my blood glucose monitoring, especially during my race weekend and I learnt a lot about my body and everything I consumed.


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