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Ultimate TEN

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Ultimate TEN

Ultimate TEN is a complex version of the well known tic tac toe game.
The board game contains 9 tic tac toe boards. Win 3 boards in the same row, column or diagonal in order to win the game.

The game includes 2 different modes, 2 players and 1 player. The 2 players mode lets you play against a friend, and the 1 player mode let you play against the computer. The computer can play in 3 levels of difficulty, and I challenge you to bit them all.
In addition, the app includes an additional mode, playing against an online player (via Game Center).

If you are new to this kind of game, you probably want to use the instructions page and the tutorial mode which clearly explain how to play the game.

The app also contains well designed themes.
Be aware that running for the first time the application will ask you to get your location information. Your location is needed only for changing themes inside the app, in a smart way (according to time and weather). Therefore, it is not mandatory to allow the app access to your location, in order to play and enjoy the game.

This app allows you to play the game also on the go with your apple watch.

Enjoy and create your own techniques for defeating your opponent!
Aviv Weinstein